Capita remains the biggest

So, who’s the biggest company in British outsourcing? The financial results suggest that Capita retains that particular crown, although sources such as The Register suggest – you might argue cynically – that this is at least partly because companies like Carillion have set the bar pretty low.

Capita’s sales amounted to £3.484bn in 2017, although as people often say, turnover is window dressing – in practice due to debts and write-offs it actually made a loss rather than a profit, mislaying some £515m.

So the question of whether it’s the biggest in software and services actually depends on how you measure it. If it’s on profitability then you could probably argue that Intelligent Sourcing’s web hosting company is bigger because it isn’t actually losing money; this is basically proof that ‘profit’ is no indicator of size at all.

The company is likely to face further difficulties over the coming 12 months, not because it’s doing anything wrong but because automation will continue to pressurize the traditional BPO industry while it has a large body of people based on the older business model.

In terms of size, however, it remains the daddy.

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