Call centres: stars to hit the headsets

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, someone in the UK is going to start a reality TV show based on the call centre.

It’s not the standard call centre fare that most of our readers would recognise, we grant you; instead it’s a contact centre staffed by celebrities, says MSN, who will be taking calls on all manner of ills and worries from viewers.

They are of course doing it in aid of charity and the proceeds will help fight cancer – we welcome this of course.

We’re willing to bet that if you were to ask any of the participants about robotics or AI they wouldn’t have much to say, and they won’t be indulging in the traditional customer journey model either – you just get to phone up and tell a celebrity you don’t know about your problems.

Nonetheless, if it helps lift the image of the contact centre a little, and better still does something to help cancer sufferers, we’re all for it.

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