Bye bye until January and have a good break

If readers from the Western world are still reading Intelligent Sourcing’s news feed we might suggest it’s time to stop for a couple of weeks – the next “working” day after the weekend is Christmas Eve, then it’s serial Bank Holidays plus that time of year when we would all rather be focusing on families and friends, near and far.

We’ll certainly be doing so at Intelligent Sourcing Towers and during Christmas week and the week in which New Year’s Day falls, we confirm that you won’t be seeing any fresh news on this feed. We’re taking two weeks off and will be back on 7th January, in the hope that someone will have committed news in the holiday or else we’ll be writing about the weather.

In the meantime from all of the team at Intelligent Sourcing magazine and website, we wish every reader the compliments of the season no matter whether or how you celebrate.

Happy Christmas!

Guy Clapperton

Editor, Intelligent Sourcing magazine

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