BPOs still shifting in Manila

Last week we reported on a survey that said outsourcing was likely to shrink in the Philippines. There had been others taking the opposite view as we freely acknowledged – and now there’s been another one.

According to ABS-CBN News, there’s really not much point objecting; the fact is that business process outsourcing companies (BPOs) are buying up office space in the country, although not necessarily in Manila with a particular focus on the gaming (gambling rather than game design) industry.

This may be a way forward. Territories such as Gibraltar and Malta have done well out of making themselves appealing for this particular niche, Malta through easier legislative frameworks and Gibraltar by making itself squeaky-clean in the eyes of the regulators. Whether there is room for another major player is of course up for some debate.

In terms of the Philippines, it’s likely to become a business essential as the demand from gaming companies is significant in the territory. If the BPOs don’t grow somehow, says the report, they simply won’t be able to supply the demand, and that’s what leads to clients going elsewhere.

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