Blue Prism gets more partners

Robotics specialist Blue Prism has taken on more partners to further its work in the field, according to ZDNet, significantly including IBM in the refreshed roster.

The complete line-up of what the company is calling its technology alliance program is Appian, Captricity, Celaton, Expert System, IBM, and Minit. The aim is pretty clear: to enable Blue Prism to automate more processes and to do it more quickly than would have been possible if it had been acting alone.

At the moment, as the report says, the company remains at the small end of companies with a turnover of around £9.6m in 2016, but that’s up 59 per cent from the previous year. Part of the reason will be that people who were talking a lot about robotics in 2014-2016 are actually doing something with it now.

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