Blog: Is AI a benefit or a hindrance?

Four speakers joined us for dinner to speak about artificial intelligence, cognitive computing and much else this week

Intelligent Sourcing Magazine is still buzzing from the latest of our dining club events held this week at the Royal Horseguards Hotel, 1 Whitehall Place – one of the exclusive venues we use for our senior guests. Alongside sponsor Infosys (with thanks again) a packed house was witness to four superb speakers offering differing perspectives.

There was a mix of disciplines. Infosys president Rajesh Murthy inevitably offered the vendor’s view but steered clear of the company pitch, being more concerned with the possibilities the technology offered. He went through the processes saved by AI and automation in some depth. Lee Ayling of KPMG took a broader market overview, looking at who’s actually doing what and using his own company as a case study, using AI rather than just talking about it

A lively presentation from Martin Cotterill of Taylor Wessing followed, echoing some of my own blog last week and applying some logic to the evolving area of intellectual property and licensing; we admire anyone who can get a laugh out of a topic like that and remain informative, but he did it. Marcus Sawyerr of Adecco rounded the formal part of the evening off, offering insights into the extent that his business had needed to learn data skills, working on its own analytics and marketing its intelligent HR offering.

The audience was completely engaged throughout, wanting to know where to start with AI or cognitive computing, asking who’d actually done anything with it since 2011 other than winning game shows and chess (and getting some good examples) and stressing that in spite of the different technologies involved the open APIs made interconnection more than possible.

And if you want to know why a lawn mower was once legally classified as someone’s pet you’ll need to read the next issue.

An account of this event wil appear in the next edition of Intelligent Sourcing, due out at the end of June

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