Blockchain investment hits $1.3bn

A report from Crunchbase, reported in EJ Insight, suggests that blockchain his hitting the high numbers as far as the investors are concerned, with $1.3bn being sunk into projects – that’s just under £970,000 in British money at the time of writing.

The interesting thing to us is that the story is supported by an image of a bitcoin (and we’ve done the same), which has been the most prominent use case so far.

However, if blockchain is really going to reach its potential we suspect it will have to go far beyond its traditional virtual money-based roots. This is why in the next edition of Intelligent Sourcing, which we’re just working through now, we’ll be producing a special report on the technology and how it’s likely to apply outside the cryptocurrency market.

We have academics working on it for tracking intellectual property. We have gas and oil correspondents. We have people looking at sustainability. One commentator is considering it from the point of view of healthcare, and regular contributor Mary Lacity brings it all together with eight core things anyone needs to know about Blockchain but may have been afraid to ask.

We’re pretty pleased with this one and just have to give the editor time to read the books he was supposed to have reviewed a fortnight ago. Expect it on your doormat, electronic or physical, by mid-June. What? You don’t subscribe? Follow this link

(We promise there will not be a bitcoin picture every other page. We may, however, use rather a lot of images of chains.)

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