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Service Delivery Automation: Turning Pricing Models on their Heads

Service Delivery Automation (SDA) is fast moving, both in terms of adoption and advances in technology. Automation generates for enterprises and service providers alike significant benefits—some obvious and others more difficult to quantify—that are likely to change the face of service delivery and the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

COCCO –An exciting new event for contact centre outsourcing

The Conference for Outsourcing Contact Centre Operations is coming in October – the industry is changing beyond recognition and this is the event to capture just how far-reaching those changes are. Whether through the inclusion of social media, the use of home working agents or the increase in artificial intelligence, this is the only place [...]

The Digital Approach

Everest Group Founder and CEO, Peter Bendor-Samuel talks to Professional Outsourcing Magazine about how they have changed to adapt to the digital world using Peak Matrix, Market Insights and Heat Maps.

Bye Bye BlackBerry

The papers are full of BlackBerry’s demise today – it’s been much-misreported (or at least misinterpreted) as the end of a giant, when in fact the company was always a software and infrastructure organisation that made handsets when it made financial sense.

Survey suggests post-Brexit exodus

Responses to the announcement of the UK’s exit from the EU continue to fly around, with a report from KPMG fuelling fears (reported on Reuters), It suggests that a majority of UK-based CEOs are considering locating their companies outside the UK. KPMG asked 100 chief executives with revenues of between £100m-£1bn annually and found that [...]

Outsourcing companies suffer from poor customer relations

CIO is carrying an analysis of a new survey from the Temkin Group, which suggests that although outsourcing clients would generally recommend their suppliers to other people, they’re not satisfied with them. Don’t look at me like that, it’s what the report says. The top companies are very recommendable but apparently it doesn’t take much [...]

Deloitte agrees the robots are coming

We may have mentioned robotics once or twice in this news feed and indeed in the issues of Professional Outsourcing Magazine (next one due out next week, currently at the printers, with a focus on artificial intelligence, the next development on from robotics).

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