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Outsourcing shouldn’t make you complacent

Tempting though it is to leave that headline there and just have a GIF of the editor waving a finger, we should probably explain more. The C Suite is carrying an excellent article on why CIOs can’t just outsource everything and forget it, so we thought it was worth sharing.

The Aecus Innovation Showcase

The Aecus Innovation Showcase is a celebration of innovation in outsourcing and the great results that can be achieved. The tone of the day is positive, collaborative, and inclusive, providing a platform for the suppliers, practitioners and Aecus Award-winners to share and celebrate their innovative achievements.

Are robots poised to take over?

We’ve been covering the rise of robotics for some time and arguing that countries with large installed bases of traditional outsourcing could be under threat. The Economic Times of India doesn’t go quite as far as that but it’s carrying an article about how automation is going to become increasingly important.

Traditional outsourcing is falling

New research from ISG suggests that traditional forms of IT outsourcing are losing traction as cloud and as-a-service options gain traction. So it’s more popular to save money on real estate as your IT department no longer has to be located on site, as well as take advantage of economies of scale by hiring a [...]

CX: Trends On The Road to 2020

This decade has seen customer service move from a largely voice and email-based function to a multichannel environment where agents need expertise in social networking and marketing disciplines too. Improving the customer experience (CX) has become the number one priority for executives globally and as I wrote in my last blog there is a good [...]

Professional Outsourcing launches Outsourcing out-of-the-box with AboutMatch

Professional Outsourcing Magazine has launched a partnership with the world’s only data-driven matching platform for the outsourcing industry. AboutMatch (the UK arm of Australia-based Matchboard) is a free online service which allows buyers to quickly and easily identify outsourcing suppliers which meet specific criteria. In its 3.5 years of operation, the platform has been used [...]

ProcureCon Indirect

The Must-attend Global Event for Heads of Indirect and their Teams. Now in its 10th year, ProcureCon Indirect is Europe’s only event dedicated to Heads of Indirect and CPOs from service-led businesses – bringing together the financial services, tech, telecoms, manufacturing, pharma and consumer goods industries.

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