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Outsourcing: the arguments in favour

TechFinancials is carrying an excellent piece on the pros and cons of outsourcing, mostly the pros. It advocates the use of Tier 1 and Tier 2 providers because of the expertise they offer, although it suggests the line between Tier 1 and Tier 2 is getting pretty blurred. We’ll leave that argument to people who [...]

PEAK Matrix™ Heatmap and Outsourcing Handbooks

As enterprises adjust to disruptive shifts in the global business environment, we understand that the need to partner with the right outsourcing providers becomes more urgent. But evaluating the outsourcing landscape is challenging, with conflicting claims and scattered resources.

Offshore comes back onshore

Outsourcing and offshoring are very often conflated in the public and business minds as the same thing. An article in CIO, happily, doesn’t make the usual mistake, instead looking at the phenomenon of offshore jobs returning to the domestic market.

Dublin sets out store as legal hub post-Brexit

Professional Outsourcing Magazine has often looked into the legal process outsourcing (LPO) market, and we’ve also been known to mention the forthcoming British exit from the European Union. The two things have inevitably started to collide, as The Lawyer (registration required) confirms, with at least one major LPO organisation confirming its intention to increase its [...]

COCCO –An exciting new event for contact centre outsourcing

The Conference for Outsourcing Contact Centre Operations is coming in October – the industry is changing beyond recognition and this is the event to capture just how far-reaching those changes are. Whether through the inclusion of social media, the use of home working agents or the increase in artificial intelligence, this is the only place [...]

ProcureCon Indirect

The Must-attend Global Event for Heads of Indirect and their Teams. Now in its 10th year, ProcureCon Indirect is Europe’s only event dedicated to Heads of Indirect and CPOs from service-led businesses – bringing together the financial services, tech, telecoms, manufacturing, pharma and consumer goods industries.

Brexit & Global Expansion Summit

Brexit & Global Expansion Summit is the world’s leading event on Brexit. It is uniquely timed to provide a crucial platform for learning, discussion and networking between corporate and government leaders on international expansion and the impact of Brexit on FDI globally.

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