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The Trouble with Ai? (Clue’s in the Title).

The best thing about it is the ‘i’ bit. Properly designed, nuanced and deployed an Ai solution will fit right in, churning through data, pattern-matching and triggering ‘next best actions’. The trouble with Ai is simply that, it’s artificial.

Is onshore taking the lead?

The outsourcing market in the UK is rapidly changing. Only a few years ago, outsourcing more or less equalled offshoring. Yet, out of the £6.6bn worth of outsourcing deals struck in 2015, 90% involved services being delivered onshore in the UK – with half being awarded to new local operators.

Outsourcing growth forecast to be slow

CIO Magazine is forecasting a slowing down of growth for IT outsourcing in spite of a strong 2016. In the UK, certainly, it’s only two years since we interviewed the head of the then National Outsourcing Association who was bullish about public sector outsourcing in the light of the Conservative government winning the election in [...]

Will offshoring damage US position in robotics?

An unexpected angle to the American controversy over outsourcing and overseas workers has cropped up, as TechEye carries an article suggesting that the US preference for offshoring will actually damage its position when it comes to automation.

Brazil legalises outsourcing

Brazil has put laws in place to legalise the outsourcing of any job, in a move designed to bring it up to speed with other countries around the world. According to a Reuters report this wasn’t legal until now and has been contested extensively by unions.

Conference for Outsourcing Contact Centre Operations

Here’s an important date for your diary – Wednesday June 14, 2017 at Verizon’s Head Office in Reading. If there is only one event you attend this year make it COCCO – the Conference for Outsourcing Contact Centre Operations.

17th Annual European Shared Services & Outsourcing Week

With six key topics ranging from automation, team development, creating a powerful GBS model and all the way up to creating a continuous improvement culture – The powerful SS&O Week Europe 2017 agenda not only is quality-driven and customised to the attendees but also ensures networking opportunities to allow interaction with experts across the whole [...]

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