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Whitehall scheme fails to save money

The Guardian, the Times and others have been reporting on the fundamental failure of a scheme in Whitehall that ended up costing rather than saving money. The idea of the contract, which went to arvato and Shared Services Connected, was to run two shared services centres and support 26 organisations, saving £400m per year. In [...]

The Customer Journey Is More Complex Than Ever

Last week saw the annual Execs in the Know Customer Response Summit take place in Austin, Texas. I was not able to attend, but I know that several of my colleagues from Teleperformance USA were there and Amit Shankardass was one of the speakers – focused on the omnichannel.

Why UK companies are striving for a more strategic relationship with outsourcing partners

The outsourcing market in the UK is rapidly changing. Only a few years ago, outsourcing more or less equalled offshoring. Yet out of the £6.6 billion worth of outsourcing deals struck in 2015, 90 per cent involved services being delivered onshore in the UK – with half being awarded to new local operators.

Data Protection Must Be a Priority for BPO Vendors

At what point can any enterprise contact center executive say that their own processes around data protection are truly water tight? Unfortunately, in today’s environment where cybercrime, data theft and fraud are more commonplace than at any time in history, many customers are becoming justifiably concerned about how their personal information is stored.

IDC and Chief Learning Officer: satisfaction up, spending down

A report highlighted in Chief Learning Officer in association with IDC, part of an ongoing bi-monthly survey with the magazine’s advisory board, suggests that organisations are increasingly happy with their training outsourcing partners – and, as the report puts it, they aren’t clearing out their budgets in order to get the services.

Should IT come back in house?

Is it time to start looking at bringing the IT team back in house? Tech Republic certainly thinks so (or at least one contributor does, it would be wrong to assume one writer speaks for the whole site).

EOS16: Embracing Technology and New Business Models for Outsourcing Success

Outsourcing is hitting record levels in Europe, with more contracts than ever before. A focus in Europe on smaller deals is being driven by increased use of multi-sourcing and the impact of automation. European buyers are seeking shorter and smaller contracts with niche providers as well as avoiding larger, longer-term contracts as they plan their [...]

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