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Public sector outsourcing attracts further NAC criticism

The National Accounts Committee has offered further criticism of outsourcing in the public sector. This time it’s UK Trade and Investment, the government agency for attracting trade to the UK, in the spotlight. The specific criticism this time is over a contract with PA Consulting, and the NAC accuses UKTI of being “commercially naïve” in [...]

Active v. passive – how do you manage your services?

CIO Magazine, often a source of good information, is currently running a piece on whether it’s best to manage outsourced services actively or passively, by Peter Bendor-Samuel, CEO and founder of Everest Group. The suggestion is that there are two models of working and that it’s pretty polarised, you’re either passive or active.

Have we reached peak labour arbitrage?

The essence of many outsourcing deals in the early days was labour arbitrage – the idea of transferring tasks to an economy with lower demands than the one in which the client is based, taking advantage of lower pay scales without (at its best) an adverse effect on people’s lives.

The Rise of the Customer Curator

Attending conferences is an occupational must. There are good and bad events and good and bad presenters – but there is always something valuable to learn if you’re sat up front and pay attention – you will spot something that could re-ignite your passion for your role/company/customer.

Why Customer Experience is the biggest differentiator for today’s organisations

Today it is very hard for organisations to stand out from the crowd in pricing, products or services. Now customer experience is the big differentiator.

EOS16: Embracing Technology and New Business Models for Outsourcing Success

Outsourcing is hitting record levels in Europe, with more contracts than ever before. A focus in Europe on smaller deals is being driven by increased use of multi-sourcing and the impact of automation. European buyers are seeking shorter and smaller contracts with niche providers as well as avoiding larger, longer-term contracts as they plan their [...]

Global Expansion Summit

Global Expansion Summit is a unique event on corporate global expansion and foreign direct investment for business and government leaders. Focusing on organisations undergoing digital transformation, it is designed to help corporate decision makers find the best markets and business partners to facilitate successful business growth and efficiencies as they expand into new international markets.

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