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Further warnings on protectionism

CIO Magazine has added its voice to those warning about protectionism in the US and its impact on industries including the sourcing industry. This is turning into the least surprising news story since the discovery of what bears do in the woods or the religious orientation of the Pope, but never mind.

Conference for Outsourcing Contact Centre Operations

Here’s an important date for your diary – Wednesday June 14, 2017 at Verizon’s Head Office in Reading. If there is only one event you attend this year make it COCCO – the Conference for Outsourcing Contact Centre Operations.

The importance of proactive messaging in your engagement strategy

Just twenty years ago it would have been practically impossible for, say, a utility company to contact all affected customers about upcoming maintenance; for a bank to warn every customer about to go overdrawn; or for a retail brand to directly target an offer to customers within a certain radius of its shop.

Security is the omnipresent factor in work at home solutions

In the shadow of the 2017 Remote Working Summit taking place in Dallas this week, the opportunities for virtual customer experience delivery have never been more opportunistic for contact center outsourcers. The desire for affordable onshore solutions that provide high-value quality is pervasive across developed economies.

17th Annual European Shared Services & Outsourcing Week

With six key topics ranging from automation, team development, creating a powerful GBS model and all the way up to creating a continuous improvement culture – The powerful SS&O Week Europe 2017 agenda not only is quality-driven and customised to the attendees but also ensures networking opportunities to allow interaction with experts across the whole [...]

Lloyds Banking Group agrees massive deal with IBM

Lloyds Banking Group is going into the cloud in a big way, investing £1.3bn with IBM in the technology and moving 1900 jobs over to Big Blue. The deal, reported in the Financial Times but, as the report says, still facing opposition from some of the unions involved, has two aims: first to make the [...]

UK edges closer to Brexit

Overseas readers can be forgiven for some confusion over what happened in the British Parliament yesterday, so here are some small clarifications. First, the government succeeded in passing its Act with a majority and prime minister Theresa May will be able to activate Article 50, giving the UK two years to negotiate its exit from [...]

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