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Government lands G4S, Serco with loss

It’s always a pleasure to write about positive sourcing stories and a duty to inform readers about those that don’t. One that falls awkwardly between the two is the contract between the British government and two outsourcing giants. G4S and Serco, for asylum seeker accommodation.

Further outsourcing in the US

KQED is reporting on some outsourcing in UC San Francisco. Nothing unusual about that, you might (rightly) suggest; 97 jobs are going to go to India and HCL, although 18 of those are currently unfilled. So, 79 jobs are actually moving. For a local news service this isn’t small, of course, but to us the [...]

Is the Philippines president as bad for BPO as Donald Trump?

The tendency of president-elect Trump of the USA to be anti-outsourcing has attracted a great deal of attention, obviously, and reasonably so. People are getting jittery as his claims that he’d force companies to bring jobs back to the US start to sink in (although the lack of substance as to how he’s going to [...]

Carney Is Right But Automation Is Not The Enemy

I wrote in an earlier blog about the lack of engagement of Government in the debate around what automation means for the workforce. In his speech last night at Liverpool Moores University, the Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney intimated that almost 50% of the jobs in the UK could be lost over [...]

Guyana: Delivering CX Expertise From South America

I saw Prince Harry featured on the BBC this week because his extensive Caribbean tour took him to Guyana. This South American nation is bordered by Venezuela, Brazil, and Suriname, yet in terms of culture and language it is distinctly more Caribbean than South American.

Outsourcing World Summit 2017

How we think, do business, interact, learn and go about our day-to-day has changed. Disruption has displaced our industry and is producing new and more efficient businesses, services that are better — less expensive and more creative, useful and impactful — and scalable. How do you make sure you’re making the most of these new [...]

The Omnichannel Summit 2017

This interactive event has been designed to allow a focused peer group of UK retail executives the opportunity to network and discuss omnichannel best practices in a relaxed environment. There will be plenty of time for networking during registration, buffet lunch, refreshment breaks and a drinks reception at the close of the day.

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