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Will Brexit drive more offshore deals?

We’re expecting Brexit to stay in the headlines for years, and as it has an impact on where people base their outsourcing and shared service operations so you can expect to see some reference to it on this news feed as well.

WHO faces outsourcing calls

The World Health Organisation (WHO) will be reading the papers and online news services today and finding many calls for it to outsource some of its primary functions.

Oracle assesses cloud impact

The technologies defining the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’, more commonly referred to as Industry 4.0, are being powered by cloud infrastructures. The Oracle Cloud: Opening up the Road to Industry 4.0 report has found that from robotics to artificial intelligence, businesses view the cloud as a blank canvas upon which to build their innovation strategies.

Outsourcing firm gets it wrong

Professional Outsourcing Magazine is keen to celebrate the sourcing industry when it gets things right, and always has been. There is quite frankly enough of a fuss when it goes wrong without us adding to it.

Brexit & Global Expansion Summit

Brexit & Global Expansion Summit is the world’s leading event on Brexit. It is uniquely timed to provide a crucial platform for learning, discussion and networking between corporate and government leaders on international expansion and the impact of Brexit on FDI globally.

ProcureCon IT Europe

Taking place 05 – 06 December, 2016 in Amsterdam, ProcureCon IT Europe is the only truly peer-led conference to bring together 150 IT procurement leaders from Europe’s largest companies. With an IT sourcing heavy audience under one roof at one time, you’re guaranteed to find solutions to your everyday problems.

eWorld Procurement and Supply 2016

Since 2001, eWorld Procurement & Supply has provided a unique insight into the latest innovations and technologies for senior procurement, supply chain and finance executives. Providing a highly time-effective platform to keep up-to-date with the latest developments, market trends and hot topics.

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