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Are transactional contact centres on the way out?

Professional Outsourcing Magazine is still buzzing from the latest of our dinner events, which took place last night. The theme was the evolving contact centre and our speaker was BT’s redoubtable Dr. Nicola Millard, whose enthusiasm for her subject was apparent from the moment she started speaking.

Should you outsource vendor management?

Another useful opinion piece is in IT Pro Portal. This asks the question: should you outsource vendor management – in other words, outsource the actual act of outsourcing? This is sometimes a good idea. A glance at the Professional Outsourcing Magazine archive points to different models for outsourcing, whether the tower system or SIAM, and [...]

Outsourcing: the basics

Most of our readers at Professional Outsourcing Magazine and this news service, The Bulletin, are pretty senior-level executives. However, it never hurts to consider the basics and have a bit of a refresher, and that’s what the website has done with this guide on how to get the most out of an outsourcing relationship.

Banks criticised for outsourcing

An interesting piece in the FT outlines a lot of the outsourcing happening in the banking sector, which is rather fun – but we’ve spotted a little wrinkle. Look at the first sentences. “High-profile system crashes in the UK have delayed payments and prevented customers from withdrawing cash, quickly damaging banks’ reputation for service.

PEAK Matrix™ Heatmap and Outsourcing Handbooks

As enterprises adjust to disruptive shifts in the global business environment, we understand that the need to partner with the right outsourcing providers becomes more urgent. But evaluating the outsourcing landscape is challenging, with conflicting claims and scattered resources.

EOS16: Embracing Technology and New Business Models for Outsourcing Success

Outsourcing is hitting record levels in Europe, with more contracts than ever before. A focus in Europe on smaller deals is being driven by increased use of multi-sourcing and the impact of automation. European buyers are seeking shorter and smaller contracts with niche providers as well as avoiding larger, longer-term contracts as they plan their [...]

The Global Sourcing and Cloud Summit 2016

World BPO/ITO Forum is an exclusive, executive event for C-suite executives and their direct decision-making reports from mid-to-large enterprise companies who are interested in evaluating global sourcing and cloud opportunities.

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