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RPA unsurprisingly on the rise

Over half (53 per cent) of public sector senior managers say their organisations have explored the use of automation technology in the past year to help transform services in the wake of increasing workloads and tightening budgets.

Things to consider before outsourcing

Regular readers will be aware that as well as news we sometimes look into advice being offered by other publications on outsourcing. One of these has appeared in Allbusiness and consists of seven tips from different sources.

Trump Jr. Blames Hillary

It gets better and better. After all the verbal fallout over outsourcing in the US election, Donald Trump’s son Eric has found out whose fault it is that his dad outsources so much – it’s Hillary Clinton’s fault, he is reported as saying in the Daily Mail.

Automation and Robotic Futures – On The Darker Side of Digital

The present wave of hype and fear on automation and robotic futures can really mislead us on what the consequences might be, not just for the outsourcing industry, but for economies as a whole. For this reason, I thought it would be a good idea to thread a more reasoned way through the arguments, and [...]

Anatomy of A Global Leader

Leadership on a global scale doesn’t consist of just managing a larger territory. Globalisation is a force of nature in today’s business climate. Business opportunities are opening up as never before, making lucrative new markets available to firms around the globe. It’s not all smooth sailing, however, and to guide a worldwide organisation truly to [...]

Social Robotics and AI

This world-first conference will unite leaders from the worlds of science, business and psychology to discuss the evolution of AI and social robotics, their commercial application and impact on the worlds of business and work. Held in association with the Association for Business Psychology and hosted by Oxford Brookes University, Social Robotics & AI will [...]

Brexit & Global Expansion Summit

Brexit & Global Expansion Summit is the world’s leading event on Brexit. It is uniquely timed to provide a crucial platform for learning, discussion and networking between corporate and government leaders on international expansion and the impact of Brexit on FDI globally.

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