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In-sourced v outsourced – which is better?

The debate over whether it’s better to in-source things or outsource them continues to rage, with Information Age offering a number of insights. It starts with the very good point that, given the importance of IT from the point of view of HR, security and a great deal else, there is no point in arguing [...]

What drives the BPO world in 2016?

The world of BPO today is facing more challenges than any other industry. As leaders of BPOs, we need to carefully manage the Solution(s) or technology, the BPO-specific sector requirements as well as the administrative challenges – all with a careful eye on how each area affects the other.

The True Cost of Cost When Outsourcing Offshore

Offshore outsourcing is a good business strategy. It improves efficiency, cuts costs, speeds up product development, and allows companies to focus on their ‘core competencies’. Consequently, it has long been a popular method of doing business all over the world, and organisations from large corporations through to SMEs are taking advantage of the benefits that [...]

Is the big outsourcing deal dead?

An article in Computing has caught our eye as it suggests that the days of the big outsourcing deal are over, finished and kaput. We doubt that but things are certainly moving. The Computing article has weight because it’s from the Greater London Authority’s head of ICT, David Munn. His view (and we do urge [...]

Google opens up to outsourcing

The Economic Times of India reports that Google is becoming open to more outsourcing than before, having pretty much rejected the idea previously. This will open up a major client in the same way that Apple’s decision to outsource some of its back office functions to companies like Wipro did a few years ago, the [...]

The Global Sourcing and Cloud Summit 2016

World BPO/ITO Forum is an exclusive, executive event for C-suite executives and their direct decision-making reports from mid-to-large enterprise companies who are interested in evaluating global sourcing and cloud opportunities.

Wall Street Tech Conference

The Wall Street Tech Conference is an exclusive, intimate and innovative technology forum, created to help CIOs, CTOs, tech sourcing executives and business leaders across the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance industries find new resources and build relationships.

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