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Artificial Intelligence – The coming wave.

From RPA to AI – editor Guy Clapperton and a whole host of industry leaders look at the hype around Artificial Intelligence, the technology and terminology that people are using. For our digital subscribers there is an extra bonus feature as Accenture look at technology and talent.

Why UK companies are striving for a more strategic relationship with outsourcing partners

The outsourcing market in the UK is rapidly changing. Only a few years ago, outsourcing more or less equalled offshoring. Yet out of the £6.6 billion worth of outsourcing deals struck in 2015, 90 per cent involved services being delivered onshore in the UK – with half being awarded to new local operators.

Service Delivery Automation: Turning Pricing Models on their Heads

Service Delivery Automation (SDA) is fast moving, both in terms of adoption and advances in technology. Automation generates for enterprises and service providers alike significant benefits—some obvious and others more difficult to quantify—that are likely to change the face of service delivery and the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Outsourcing on the up?

Horses for Sources analyst and occasional Professional Outsourcing Magazine contributor Phil Fersht has written a blog entry (see the link at the beginning of this article) about how outsourcing is improving in terms of its perception.

COCCO –An exciting new event for contact centre outsourcing

The Conference for Outsourcing Contact Centre Operations is coming in October – the industry is changing beyond recognition and this is the event to capture just how far-reaching those changes are. Whether through the inclusion of social media, the use of home working agents or the increase in artificial intelligence, this is the only place [...]

EOS16: Embracing Technology and New Business Models for Outsourcing Success

Outsourcing is hitting record levels in Europe, with more contracts than ever before. A focus in Europe on smaller deals is being driven by increased use of multi-sourcing and the impact of automation. European buyers are seeking shorter and smaller contracts with niche providers as well as avoiding larger, longer-term contracts as they plan their [...]

Big Bang and evolution. Which outsourcing strategy brings more benefits?

A debate on the beginning of the outsourcing project may resemble a discussion on the beginning of the universe. The theory of evolution and Big Bang are two competitive concepts also in IT outsourcing context.

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