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The Changing Fundamentals of Contact Center Outsourcing

Rising end-customer expectations driven by ever-advancing digital use among consumers are driving fundamental change in the Contact Center Outsourcing (CCO) space. From self-service to multi-channel support, and from prompt issue resolution to customized experience, consumer expectations are forcing the industry to change the way it offers services.

Robots to take over post Brexit?

That’s the sort of headline science fiction fans everywhere will love. The serious message behind it is that the Everest Group has told the National Outsourcing Association that robotics is going to increase even more quickly post-Brexit; in fact, according to a report in Sourcing Focus, it’s actually calling the robots “Brex-bots” as a result.

Flexible contracts are in

About a year ago, Professional Outsourcing Magazine published an article on how contracts were letting people down because needs changed almost as soon as the ink was dry, never mind over a seven-year contract period. The view is gaining ground, with Eversheds issuing a press release following its report on agile contracts. Outsourcing can help [...]

Trump caught out on outsourcing again

Donald Trump, the presidential candidate who is so vehemently anti-offshoring, is appearing in a political commercial…for Hillary Clinton. (Actually we’d argue that quite a lot of his pronouncements are likely to send a lot of people to the polls voting for Clinton even if they can’t stand her, but whatever).

Vendor Management in IT Outsourcing

Vendor Management is a critical activity in IT Outsourcing and it’s getting more and more popular. As we can read in Deloitte Global CPO Survey 2016: “The drive for outsourcing continues, especially in larger organizations.” According to Gartner’s definition Vendor Management is “a discipline that enables organizations to control costs, drive service excellence and mitigate [...]

The Aecus Innovation Showcase

The Aecus Innovation Showcase is a celebration of innovation in outsourcing and the great results that can be achieved. The tone of the day is positive, collaborative, and inclusive, providing a platform for the suppliers, practitioners and Aecus Award-winners to share and celebrate their innovative achievements.

ProcureCon Indirect

The Must-attend Global Event for Heads of Indirect and their Teams. Now in its 10th year, ProcureCon Indirect is Europe’s only event dedicated to Heads of Indirect and CPOs from service-led businesses – bringing together the financial services, tech, telecoms, manufacturing, pharma and consumer goods industries.

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