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Software-defined outsourcing?

One of the biggest buzzwords of the moment is “software-defined” and if you’re in the outsourcing market it’s going to be important. So says an article in Network World, which makes the valid point that modern software can eliminate the need for a great deal of manual work.

Clinton v Trump round one million…

The controversy over who’s outsourced the most, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, continues to drag on. The latest we’ve seen (although if you’ve seen more recent examples we’ll happily bow to your better knowledge) is in Inquisitr, which counters some of Clinton’s claims about Trump outsourcing shirts and suchlike with the suggestion that she encouraged [...]

Social Robotics and AI

This world-first conference will unite leaders from the worlds of science, business and psychology to discuss the evolution of AI and social robotics, their commercial application and impact on the worlds of business and work. Held in association with the Association for Business Psychology and hosted by Oxford Brookes University, Social Robotics & AI will [...]

COCCO –An exciting new event for contact centre outsourcing

The Conference for Outsourcing Contact Centre Operations is coming in October – the industry is changing beyond recognition and this is the event to capture just how far-reaching those changes are. Whether through the inclusion of social media, the use of home working agents or the increase in artificial intelligence, this is the only place [...]

eWorld Procurement and Supply 2016

Since 2001, eWorld Procurement & Supply has provided a unique insight into the latest innovations and technologies for senior procurement, supply chain and finance executives. Providing a highly time-effective platform to keep up-to-date with the latest developments, market trends and hot topics.

People First : Strategy Architecture Framework

It is essential the “why” you do what you do. This is your purpose. And when the purpose is clear and communicated to everyone in a way that is understood, everyone is on the same boat, so to speak, and can move forward in the right direction.

Fleet managers make outsourcing work

FleetNews is reporting that outsourcing makes fleet managers’ lives easier – we’re taking “if it’s done right” as read here. The theory comes from an interview with Fleet Operations in which the idea of “outsourcing=job loss” is debunked yet again.

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