Anticipating COCCO

Intelligent Sourcing Magazine is abuzz with two things at the moment. First, copy is coming in for our next edition which is due in a matter of weeks, and it’s looking good. We have items on women in the boardroom, articles on impact sourcing and a great deal else. Many have gone to layout and editing and we’re excited about what we’re going to be able to bring to you. Expect to see something by the end of the month, and if you’re not a subscriber go ahead and subscribe.

(I wrote my piece on the foregone conclusion of the UK general election a few weeks back. I’ve filed that with the ones about the UK staying in the EU and Hillary Clinton winning the US elections, to look at whenever I’m getting above myself).

The other thing is COCCO.

Come to Cocco

COCCO is an event we’re co-hosting with the UK Contact Centre Forum this week not far from London. Details are available on the link I’ve just put in but essentially it’s an entire day devoted to digging underneath what’s happening in the contact centre arena, There will be discussions about the use of home workers, inevitably artificial intelligence and robotics will make their presence felt and I’ll be MC-ing and kicking off with something on social media – but social media touched by fake news, which has been very much in the headlines lately.

It’s shaping up to be an excellent day, with keynote speakers from a major bank and high-profile market analysts. It can be difficult to find the time to squeeze in a conference when you’re running a business, and then even more difficult to run the business without the insights it offers.

We’ll look forward to welcoming you.

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