Anti-outsourcing t-shirts – outsourced

Normally we write about large scale outsourcing, customer experience and related matters in this publication and on this website – but this one we just couldn’t resist.

A New Zealand campaigner against the outsourcing of manufacturing – not our usual beat but the same arguments are often applied – is also head of a major fashion house in New Zealand.

She has criticised others for making their clothes in low-cost territories, which is fine to debate and healthy in a democratic society – but her company delegates the manufacture of its clothes to Bangladesh, notes the Dhaka Tribune.

We make no attempt to pass judgement beyond the odd snigger. However, this does make an important point that is often overlooked by campaigners and pressure groups: you can try to ignore outsourcing or campaign against it as much as you wish. The reality is that offshoring, RPA and all those other ways of reducing cost are here and they’re going to stay. By all means campaign for the fair treatment of the workers involved and for the retraining of people who get behind – we’re with you on that.

However, if you’re in a business of any scale, if you’re going to say outsourcing is bad in and of itself, you’d better be very certain it doesn’t happen in your organisation. As the campaigner in this instance – and we’re not going to rub it in by naming her – has found out, your credibility can take quite a bashing otherwise.

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