Amazon goes captive in India

Amazon has set up a series of contact centres in India. These captive companies – meaning they serve only Amazon and are wholly owned by it (and nothing as lively as I assumed almost five years ago when I started editing this magazine).

The salaries are good too – Business Today reports 2.5 lakh per annum, “lakh” being one hundred thousand rupees. This translates as just under three and a half thousand dollars which sounds abysmal in a Western culture but which is quite livable in India.

The two contact centres will offer around 1000 jobs, which are currently being recruited, and the report suggests they’re going to be serving the delivery/consumer business (they will work on seller services as well) rather than the more business-focused AWS, in case there’s any doubt.

Reports of the demise of the traditional contact centre appear to have been exaggerated…

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