AI: the law starts stacking up

Intelligent Sourcing magazine has been keen on how advances in technology and other changes are going to have knock-on effects beyond the obvious for a while. We’ve mentioned, for example, the issue of who owns an upgrade if AI has written its own code (and as we’re not lawyers we haven’t really come to massively useful conclusions).

So we’re pleased to link to a piece on IPSOA which runs through a number of the issues including data protection (no you can’t shirk your legal responsibilities in a territory because ‘a robot made me do it’), security and a great deal else in the light of, for example, GDPR.

What’s going to be really interesting in our view is to see whether life becomes simpler rather than easier as the robots start to take over the more transactional tasks and AI does the more refined bits. In principle life should become a great deal easier; however, mention of GDPR reminds us that the environment is becoming more complex, and if a software robot can process X thousand times more transactions per second than a human, that’s X thousand more times an error could potentially be repeated before the process is amended.

We’ll wait to see what actually happens.

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