AI: some trends to watch

An article in Geospatial World has set us thinking about artificial intelligence, which we do fairly frequently anyway as readers of this news feed and the magazine will be aware. It points to ubiquitous AI, a robotic workforce – actually it’s pretty generalised.

We have some alternative thoughts. Call it a wish list if you like.

  1. Different standards of domestic AI should talk to each other. This is a business-focused news service, make no mistake, but many technologies going back as far as IM started off in a domestic setting and people leaned to trust it in that way. AI will be the same – but not if you can’t change vendor without re-purchasing all of your apps and soforth. Stick a Google Home into an Amazon Echo ecosystem and it’ll work but won’t do everything. Users will become suspicious of this
  2. Come to think of it, domestic AI needs to be consistent in the way it works with its own apps. Your editor owns an Echo. He asks it to set an appointment or reminder and it does so, booking it into his G suite calendar. That’s great – but when he asks the Google Home to do the same thing, it can’t because G suite is Google’s business class product and the company won’t link it with its own offering. (This is from a guide called ‘how to hand a market to Amazon on a plate’, we gather).
  3. Massive education programme on which jobs are going to vanish and where the opportunities will arise as a result of automation and AI. There is research to suggest that the total number of jobs will increase which is good but this doesn’t mean the skill set needed will be the same.
  4. Therefore a massive retraining of the workforce will be required.
  5. Also a massive education programme for commentators. Only this morning we saw an article saying that AI was going to reduce outsourcing. It is outsourcing, guys, it’s just outsourcing to AI…

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