Adobe: when in doubt, personalize

Adobe has issued a survey and concluded – perhaps not massively surprisingly – that customer experience gets a better press when it’s personalized. This applies to multiple streams so the whole CX arena is arguably moving beyond just the marketing department or wherever it’s currently located in a business.

It did the research primarily to back up the release of innovations in Adobe Experience Manager, part of its Marketing Cloud in Adobe Experience Cloud. It is deploying artificial intelligence as part of the new innovations.

The new elements of the suite include an emphasis on delivering experiences through screen displays or kiosks, content creation, maximising content for different channels – in fact everything you’d expect from a content company that can do things better now than it could a year or so ago. Expect more improvements in future.

“Personalization at scale across every customer touchpoint is the holy grail of Customer Experience Management or CXM. It requires the unification of content, data and insights that only Adobe can provide,” said Loni Stark, senior director of strategy and product marketing at Adobe – well, she would say that, fair enough, and she probably means it. “New innovations in Adobe Experience Manager make it easier for marketers and IT professionals to delight customers and create memory-making moments every time a customer interacts with the brand.”


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