A Rolls-Royce of BPO?

The Intelligent Sourcing magazine Dining Club met last week (a brief note would have appeared on Friday but there was an acquisition to write about).  Teleperformance hosted us with guest speakers from Ember Group and Everest Group.

More on those in our December issue, but for the moment it’s worth highlighting one suggestion that was made by one of the attendees (anonymously of course). In an age in which everyone talks about adding value but in real life the client will talk the price of an outsourcing engagement down, one of the people there said they would welcome some sort of premium service.

It then occurred to us that although the market is driven by cost, there could well be some mileage in doing what other markets do and having different strata of services and prestige for different budgets. Loads of people have a phone but if you opt for Apple or Samsung you’re making a bit of a brand statement; likewise, many people have cars but there is a difference between a Rolls and a Fiat Panda.

Then you come to the BPO market and there really doesn’t seem to be any differentiation. Over to you, the readers!

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